• Share your Kindle App “Notes” and “Highlights”

    You’re reading a great book and came across some fantastic quotes so you highlighted them. Wouldn’t it be great if you could share those little pearls of wisdom with your facebook friends? Your tweeps? Your Google+ circles? Now you can!

  • Bulk Export to Email or Evernote

    Want to get your Kindle notes and highlights out of your Android device? The Share All option allows you to export them all at once. Put it in an email and send it to yourself so you can get a working copy of your most treasured notations.

  • Get Organized

    View your book highlights and notes in their own separate list to quickly find what you are looking for quickly.

  • Detailed Reporting

    Quickly determine the Kindle book, author and page a particular note or highlight is from.

  • Book Stats

    When was the last time you opened a particular book? How far have you read? How many highlight and notes do you have? Buzzworthy reveals this and more!


Amazon is now encrypting Kindle user’s notes and highlights. As a result, Buzzworthy is no longer able to provide the core functionality it set out to do. I have removed the app from Google Play and suspended further development.
This page is being left up as a placeholder in the event that Amazon reverses its position and makes notes and highlights available again.

Supported Free Apps

User Guide

Getting Started

Buzzworthy relies on files created by the free Kindle app for Android to organize and display your user notes and highlights.

As a result, you must have the Kindle App (version or LESS) installed, and books you are interested in sharing highlights from downloaded to your Android device for Buzzworthy to work.

To see what version of the Kindle app is on your Android device, launch the Kindle app and tap Menu, choose More, choose Info, then About.

To activate the social sharing features of Buzzworthy (i.e. to share highlights and notes) you must have the corresponding social app installed. Which you can download here:

For best results, make sure you keep these applications up-to-date by periodically checking for updates.

Launching Buzzworthy

Selecting the Buzzworthy app from your Android desktop will launch the application.

Assuming your device meets the minimum requirements and has at least one Kindle book (downloaded) in your Kindle library you will be taken to the Book List screen where all your downloaded Kindle books are listed alphabetically.

Buzzworthy Book List Screen

Selecting an ebook will take you to the Book Details page.

Book Details Page

The Book Details page is broken up into three sections divided by tabs.

  • Highlights
  • Notes
  • Stats


The Highlights tab lists all highlights you made in the corresponding Kindle book.

Buzzworthy Highlights Tab


The Notes tab lists all user notes you made in the corresponding Kindle book. User notes typically consist of a combination of highlighted text and a custom annotation you made related to this text.

Buzzworthy Notes Tab


The Stats tab lists information related to this book and may include the following items:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Book Size
  • Current Page
  • Current Location
  • Percentage Read
  • Last Opened
  • Number of Highlights
  • Number of Notes
  • ASIN
  • ASIN (Corresponding Print Book)

Buzzworthy Highlights Tab

Sharing Highlights and Notes

One of Buzzworthy’s key features is its ability to enable you to share your favorite Kindle notes and highlights from your Android phone or tablet through email, mms, facebook, Google+ and twitter.

The process to do this is the same for both “Notes” and “Highlights”.

Sharing a Note or Highlight

  1. From the Book List screen, open the book you are interested in sharing a note or highlight from.
  2. Go to the corresponding tab (either Highlights or Notes).
  3. Select the note or highlight you want to send.
  4. Buzzworthy Highlighted Text

  5. Select the application you want to send it to.
  6. To share via Facebook select the Buzzworthy option in the “Select app to share” screen.

    Buzzworthy Share Options

  7. Edit the message as necessary and then click the corresponding confirmation button to send it off.
  8. Share On Facebook

Sharing All Highlights and Notes

Another one of Buzzworthy’s most powerful features is the Share All Items option. This feature enables you to export all notes or highlights from a selected book, allowing you to take your most important excerpts off-line where you can then organize and review them in a more practical manner.

The process to do this is the same for both “Notes” and “Highlights” and is extremely similar to the way you would share a single note or highlight.

Sharing All Notes and Highlights

  1. From the Book List screen, open the book you are interested in sharing a note or highlight from.
  2. Go to the corresponding tab (either Highlights or Notes).
  3. Select the note or highlight you want to send by touching and holding the desired item. This will bring up the Share Menu.
  4. Select Share All Items.
  5. Buzzworthy Share Menu

  6. Select the application you want to send it to.
  7. NOTE: Since the “Share All” option operates as an export function for all your notes and highlights, social network sharing is disabled when performing the “Share All Items” operation.

    ALSO NOTE: There is limit to the amount of data the Android operating system allows one application to send to another at one time. As a result, if you have too many highlights (> 90,000 characters worth) a dialogue box will notify you of this and prevent you from exporting.

    Buzzworthy Share Options

  8. Edit the message as necessary and then click the corresponding confirmation button to send it off.
  9. Share All Items

Getting Highlight and Note Details

You can view specific information about a note or highlight, like the ebook location, title, author and when available the corresponding print-book page number where it can be found.

To Get More Details On A Note or Highlight

  1. From the Book List screen, open the book you are interested in.
  2. Go to the corresponding tab (either Highlights or Notes).
  3. Select the note or highlight you want more info on by touching and holding the desired item. This will bring up the Share Menu.
  4. Select Get Item Details.
  5. Get Item Details

  6. The Item Details screen for the corresponding note or highlight will be displayed.
  7. Item Details

Selecting the menu button within Buzzworthy reveals additional user options.

  • Help
  • About
  • Support



To learn more about a particular screen within Buzzworthy select the Help menu option for context sensitive guidance.


The About screen reveals the version of Buzzworthy you have installed.


The Support menu option allows you to help us make Buzzworthy the best app that it can be. Here you can:

  • Report An Issue
  • Experienced a problem? Tell us so we can fix it.

  • Ask A Question
  • Confused about something? Ask us for clarification.

  • Pay us A Compliment
  • Is everything working swimmingly? Does Buzzworthy rock your world? Send us some love by rating our app. 🙂

  • Submit An Idea
  • Have an idea that would make Buzzworthy even better. Submit it here!

We encourage you to leverage these support features to let us know how we are doing and help us improve our service.

Crittercism Support

Enable Debug Options

This option, located in the preferences menu, allows users to email .mbp files and phone diagnostic information to the Buzzworthy Team.

By default, this option is off and should remain that way unless you are working with support to troubleshoot an issue. Should you need to enable it, check it, and then restart the application for the setting to take effect.

To properly exit the application hit the back button until you are at your desktop.

NOTE: hitting Home will not exit the application, it will just put it in the background).

Once enabled the following two features will become available when you select and hold a book in your book list:

  • Send MBP File
  • Send Debug Info

What Are MBP Files?

MBP files are the files Amazon uses to store all your personal highlights, notes and bookmarks with regard to a particular book. Once you start reading a Kindle ebook a corresponding MBP file is created. Buzzworthy uses these files to determine which books to display in your collection.

Send MBP File

This option allows you to send an MBP file to us via email for further analysis.

Send Debug Info

This option allows you to send us specific information about your device. It also searches your entire file system for all MBP files.

NOTE: The scan can take up to five minutes depending on the number of files you have in your device and will appear unresponsive during this time. Please be patient and let it complete its search.

Anonymous User Data Opt Out

To help us determine issues with our app and address problems as quickly as possible we use Crittercism to collect anonymous data via crash reports and support requests. If for any reason this makes you uneasy you can opt-out by following these steps.

  1. From within Buzzworthy select the menu button.
  2. Next, select Support
  3. Help, About, Support Menu

  4. On the Support screen select the About button (located at the bottom).
  5. Support

  6. This takes you to the About Crittercism screen.
  7. About Crittercism

  8. Scroll to the bottom of the About Crittercism screen and add a check mark next to the Don’t send option in the Anonymous User Data Opt Out: section.
  9. Crittercism Opt Out



Kindle notes and highlights are stored in .mbp files on your device. The kindle app is responsible for updating the contents of this file. At times however, the Kindle app does not completely commit (or save) all your changes.

When an incomplete .mbp file is detected, Buzzworthy is unable to list your notes and highlights and communicates this to you with the following error message KINDLE_SYNC_REQUIRED

To sync your kindle notes and highlights follow this procedure.

  1. Exit Buzzworthy by hitting the back button until you are back at your desktop.
  2. Note: Do not use the home key as it does not exit applications, but instead puts them in the background.

  3. Open the book in question with the Kindle app (Kindle fire users need only open the book).
  4. Select the Menu button
  5. Select View My Notes & Marks This step forces the sync we need
  6. Kindle Fire Users: Confirm your notes and highlights are listed in the My Notes & Marks section

  7. Hit the back key several times to exit out of the Kindle app
  8. Once you are back at the desktop, launch Buzzworthy
  9. Select the corresponding book from the list and you should see all your notes and highlights


Will Buzzworthy work with the Kindle Fire?

Yes, but only with the original Kindle Fire, not the newer Kindle Fire HD variants. Unfortunately due to recent changes made by Amazon we are unable to provide future updates for the Kindle Fire version of this app. 🙁 If you have an original Kindle Fire you can download the Kindle Fire version of Buzzworthy here!

All My Books Disappeared From Buzzworthy

Buzzworthy is an unofficial Amazon Kindle Companion App. Due to a recent change by Amazon, Buzzworthy is unable to support devices with Kindle App version or greater. Read more about it here along with the workaround.

Why Are Some Books Not Listed in Buzzworthy?

There are several scenarios that may cause this:

  • Buzzworthy display books that you have downloaded to your Android device via the Kindle app. These are listed as “On Device” in the Kindle app.

    If you are not seeing books in Buzzworthy make sure you have downloaded books via the Kindle app before launching Buzzworthy.

  • Buzzworthy only lists books you have purchased from Amazon (sample book downloads are NOT listed)
  • If you have reached a Kindle ebooks “Clipping Limit” Buzzworthy will not display notes, highlights, or anything else for it. This is due to technical reasons as Amazon does not provide highlight data for books that have reached this threshold.
  • Buzzworthy primarily displays books that you have “marked” (i.e. entered at least one note or highlight). There are other conditions that could cause a book to be listed, but highlights and notes are the primary indications we use to determine if a book should be displayed.

    If you are not seeing a book listed in Buzzworthy, make sure you have at least one note or highlight in the book and that they are visible from within the Kindle App by selecting View My Notes & Marks prior to launching Buzzworthy.

  • Buzzworthy uses each books ASIN (an Amazon assigned unique ID) and the official Amazon API to collect information about the books in your collection
    Information such as the title, author and cover image of your books are gathered this way so we can properly display them in your book list.

    Unfortunately, Amazon has some discrepancies across their databases. Books in their sales database don’t always appear in their catalog database. When such a discrepancy occurs we are unable to collect the requisite information for them and display them in your collection.

    One way to test to see if a missing book falls under this category is to search for it on Amazon using it’s ASIN. If Amazon can’t find the ASIN on it’s website search, then we can’t find it using the API.

  • Example: B000JMLFTE

    Returns the following error: Your search “B000JMLFTE” did not match any products.

If you are still not seeing a book in your collection after assuring that it is not due to one of the aforementioned reasons please contact us so we can investigate.

Can I add or delete Notes or Highlights from the Buzzworthy app?

No. Buzzworthy is a non-destuctive app and is only capable of reading and sharing your notes and highlights.

Why are some fields in the Stats tab listed as “Unavailable”?

Buzzworthy depends on a series of files that are created by the Kindle app in order to return this information to you.

If a heading displays the word Unavailable it means that the Kindle app either does not have the required file where this information is normally stored, or the file exists but does not contain information for the corresponding fields.

What social networks does Buzzworthy support?

Buzzworthy allows you to share notes and highlights through Facebook, Google+ and Twitter provided you have the corresponding free app installed on your Android device.

Buzzworthy accomplishes this through an Android process known as “Intents” and is capable of sharing to any other installed application or service that properly implements them.

How do I share a note/highlight?

See Sharing a Note or Highlight in the User Guide for step-by-step instructions.

How do I share ALL my notes/highlights from a book?

See Sharing All Notes or Highlights in the User Guide for step-by-step instructions.

How do I share via Facebook?

To share a note or highlight via Facebook select the Buzzworthy option (look for the Bee) in the “Select app to share” screen.

This is required for technical reasons that are impractical for us to explain here.

Why are dialogs displayed in a different language the first time I share to Facebook?

This is a known issue with the Facebook API. For more information and a work-around read this.


Sharing Your Favorite Kindle Quotes On Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter

How To Export Kindle Highlights To Evernote


Your feedback is important to us. For that reason we have integrated Crittercism into the Buzzworthy app to help us manage and address issues as quickly as possible.

Before reporting a problem:

  • Check that your Android device meets the minimum requirements
  • Make certain you are running the latest and greatest version of Buzzworthy and the Amazon Kindle app.
  • Review our FAQ as common issue will be listed there.
  • Review our User Guide.

If your problem is not addressed by the aforementioned references or you have a question or idea you would like to submit, you may do so via the Support menu icon in the Buzzworthy app.

Contact Us

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