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Posted 6 years ago by Mark

In order for Buzzworthy to post highlights and notes you share to your facebook timeline you must grant it permission to do so. Like most iPhone and Android apps that integrate with Facebook, Buzzworthy uses the Official Facebook SDK to do this.

The Facebook SDK provides APIs (Interfaces) that let developers integrate their applications with Facebook.

Why am I telling you this? Because there appears to be a known issue for some users when attempting to authenticate with Facebook for the first time. The problem some users are encountering is that the Facebook prompts during the authentication process are displayed in the wrong language. This is confusing to our users and makes our application look broken.

Unfortunately since this is Facebook’s code we are at the mercy of their development team when it comes to getting a fix.

The good news is, Facebook is aware of the problem and is currently looking into it as it impacts all iPhone and Android applications that use this API.

The bad news is, our hands are tied and the best we can do is offer clarification on the issue to our users as well as a work-around until Facebook fixes the problem.

How to Work-Around This Problem

You can still share notes and highlights through Facebook. That functionality is all intact. It’s just you have to negotiate the first-time setup prompts that ask you to give permission to Buzzworthy to post to your Facebook wall on your behalf.

Below are examples of the first and second page dialogs that you may see:

First page Dialog (in Indonesian)

Menggunakan aplikasi ini membutuhkan

Siapa yang dapat melihat kiriman dari aplikasi ini di Facebook?

Tentang aplikasi ini

Anda masuk ke aplikasi ini sebagai

The above dialog is asking you to select who should be able to see posts from this application. There is a pulldown where you can decide if it should be public, friend or private. If in doubt about any of this text, type what you see on your phone into Google translate to confirm.

To accept the current settings press the button on the top right of the screen.

The next screen displays the following message:

Second page Dialog (in Indonesian)

Buzzworthy meminta izin opsional:

Kirim atas name Anda
Aplikasi ini dapat mengirim atas nama Anda, termasuk pembaruan status, foto dan lainnya

Izinkan Semua Jangan Izinkan

This message confirms that you understand that you are allowing Buzzworthy to send status updates, photos and more on your behalf.

The button on the left translates to “Allow All”. Press that if you would like to allow Buzzworthy to post your notes and highlights to your wall.

Going Forward

The above is a quick explanation and temporary work-around until Facebook corrects this problem. Because it impacts so many applications I have to believe that Facebook will rectify it quickly.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause you.

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