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Will Buzzworthy work with the Kindle Fire?

Yes, but only with the original Kindle Fire, not the newer Kindle Fire HD variants. Unfortunately due to recent changes made by Amazon we are unable to provide future updates for the Kindle Fire version of this app. 🙁 If you have an original Kindle Fire you can download the Kindle Fire version of Buzzworthy here!

All My Books Disappeared From Buzzworthy

Buzzworthy is an unofficial Amazon Kindle Companion App. Due to a recent change by Amazon, Buzzworthy is unable to support devices with Kindle App version or greater. Read more about it here along with the workaround.

Why Are Some Books Not Listed in Buzzworthy?

There are several scenarios that may cause this:

  • Buzzworthy display books that you have downloaded to your Android device via the Kindle app. These are listed as “On Device” in the Kindle app.

    If you are not seeing books in Buzzworthy make sure you have downloaded books via the Kindle app before launching Buzzworthy.

  • Buzzworthy only lists books you have purchased from Amazon (sample book downloads are NOT listed)
  • If you have reached a Kindle ebooks “Clipping Limit” Buzzworthy will not display notes, highlights, or anything else for it. This is due to technical reasons as Amazon does not provide highlight data for books that have reached this threshold.
  • Buzzworthy primarily displays books that you have “marked” (i.e. entered at least one note or highlight). There are other conditions that could cause a book to be listed, but highlights and notes are the primary indications we use to determine if a book should be displayed.

    If you are not seeing a book listed in Buzzworthy, make sure you have at least one note or highlight in the book and that they are visible from within the Kindle App by selecting View My Notes & Marks prior to launching Buzzworthy.

  • Buzzworthy uses each books ASIN (an Amazon assigned unique ID) and the official Amazon API to collect information about the books in your collection
    Information such as the title, author and cover image of your books are gathered this way so we can properly display them in your book list.

    Unfortunately, Amazon has some discrepancies across their databases. Books in their sales database don’t always appear in their catalog database. When such a discrepancy occurs we are unable to collect the requisite information for them and display them in your collection.

    One way to test to see if a missing book falls under this category is to search for it on Amazon using it’s ASIN. If Amazon can’t find the ASIN on it’s website search, then we can’t find it using the API.

  • Example: B000JMLFTE

    Returns the following error: Your search “B000JMLFTE” did not match any products.

If you are still not seeing a book in your collection after assuring that it is not due to one of the aforementioned reasons please contact us so we can investigate.

Can I add or delete Notes or Highlights from the Buzzworthy app?

No. Buzzworthy is a non-destuctive app and is only capable of reading and sharing your notes and highlights.

Why are some fields in the Stats tab listed as “Unavailable”?

Buzzworthy depends on a series of files that are created by the Kindle app in order to return this information to you.

If a heading displays the word Unavailable it means that the Kindle app either does not have the required file where this information is normally stored, or the file exists but does not contain information for the corresponding fields.

What social networks does Buzzworthy support?

Buzzworthy allows you to share notes and highlights through Facebook, Google+ and Twitter provided you have the corresponding free app installed on your Android device.

Buzzworthy accomplishes this through an Android process known as “Intents” and is capable of sharing to any other installed application or service that properly implements them.

How do I share a note/highlight?

See Sharing a Note or Highlight in the User Guide for step-by-step instructions.

How do I share ALL my notes/highlights from a book?

See Sharing All Notes or Highlights in the User Guide for step-by-step instructions.

How do I share via Facebook?

To share a note or highlight via Facebook select the Buzzworthy option (look for the Bee) in the “Select app to share” screen.

This is required for technical reasons that are impractical for us to explain here.

Why are dialogs displayed in a different language the first time I share to Facebook?

This is a known issue with the Facebook API. For more information and a work-around read this.

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