My Kindle Books No Longer Show Up. Help!

Posted 5 years ago by Mark

What Happened To My Books?

As you know, Buzzworthy for Android allows you to share your notes and highlights from your favorite books on social networks, as well as export them in bulk to email, where you can then copy and paste them into word or excel to organize them as you like.

As a result, Buzzworthy is a Kindle companion app and depends on the Kindle App to create the necessary files for Buzzworthy to parse.

Since Buzzworthy’s creation Amazon has changed the format of the notes and highlights file four times forcing me to reverse engineer these proprietary file formats to assure that Buzzworthy accomplishes its goal of allowing you (and me) to share and export notes and highlights.

On October 24th, 2012 Amazon released Kindle App Version which closed the door on my ability to access notes and highlights content.

It did this by changing the format of the corresponding notes and highlights file from an “.mbp” file type, to a new encrypted “.smbp” file format. Where the “s” seems to imply “secure”.

As a result, and despite my best efforts, Buzzworthy will no longer be able to support devices with Kindle App Version or greater.

The Workaround

If you are like me and covet the features Buzzworthy offers I have a work-around. It’s not a perfect solution but it gets the job done. This work-around essentially requires you to downgrade your Kindle App as well as prevent future updates to the Kindle app.

Because the Kindle App is a “System Application” (i.e. one that comes preinstalled with every version of Android) we can’t completely uninstall it. Android won’t let you. What it will let you do is uninstall all updates. We are going to leverage that fact to downgrade the Kindle App to the version that was factory installed on our device. If this was virtually any other app we wouldn’t be able to do this.

There’s more than one way to skin a cat here so I am going to show you the most unobtrusive method. Before we begin however I want you to write down the version of the Kindle App you are running.

How to Find Out What Version of the Kindle App You Have Installed

  1. Launch the Kindle App
  2. Select Menu->Info->About

If you have Kindle App version or greater continue with this procedure. If not, you are good to go. Really… Bye, you’re done. And make sure you don’t upgrade the Kindle App ever again if you want Buzzworthy to continue working.

Kindle Fire Users: It appears that the current System Version 6.3.1 is unaffected by the new changes Amazon is rolling out so as long as you don’t upgrade your device Buzzworthy should continue to work.

Now, for the rest of you, we are going to need to remove that nasty Kindle App update. Follow me!

How to Roll Back to the Original Version of the Kindle App That Came With Your Phone

NOTE: This process will result in your having to re-download Kindle books to your device. Just want to get you mentally prepared for that.

  1. From your device’s desktop select Menu->Manage Apps
  2. Search for and select Amazon Kindle in your app list (If you don’t see it make sure the “All” tab is selected)
  3. Select the Uninstall icon. You will be prompted with a dialog box asking you if you want to uninstall all updates to this Android system app? Select “Yes”.
  4. Once the Uninstall operation has completed, power off your device. Failure to complete this step will result in your device being unable to re-register and find the Kindle app.
  5. Now power the device back on.
  6. Launch the Kindle App.
  7. Verify the Kindle App version is lower than
  8. Re-download the books you are interested in sharing/exporting highlights and notes from.
  9. View the notes and highlights (Menu->GoTo->My Notes & Marks) for those corresponding books in the Kindle App so that the mbp file is created (this is the file that Buzzworthy needs).
  10. Launch Buzzworthy and your books, notes and highlights should be back.

NOTE: The last Amazon Kindle update that Buzzworthy worked with was version:

Finally, please remember if you perform this sequence and want to keep Buzzworthy working on your device you can no longer upgrade the Kindle App.

I apologize for this somewhat inelegant workaround and sincerely appreciate your understanding, patience and support.

As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

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